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Holly’s Journal

Colorful Paper Folk Art is Our Design Inspiration

November 20, 2010 2 Comments
Colorful Paper Folk Art is Our Design Inspiration

What is the inspiration behind our beautiful new look at Wycinanki (vee-chee-nan-key) is the expressive, decorative art of Polish paper cutting. Using bright colors & natural forms like peacocks, flowers & roosters. These colorful handmade crafts celebrate the seasons & tell stories. Like amber itself, the roots of Wycinanki stretch deep into the heart […]

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Andzia’s Amber Announces Website Relaunch & Holiday Special Offers

December 5, 2006
Andzia’s Amber Announces Website Relaunch & Holiday Special Offers

Stop & Go Green Amber & Sterling stud earrings
This time of year it’s great to have a little something
extra on hand for an unexpected guest, a spontaneous
thank you, or as a treat for yourself!
no coupon required
Please use promo code subscribe to obtain newsletter subscriber only codes to enjoy 10% off your total order between now & December 12th.
Orders over $100 receive a Free Gift with Purchase— Green Amber Stop & Go stud earrings in sterling silver (matching pieces available). While supplies last. Color may switch to cognac at some point.
“Housekeeping” —What existing customers should know
We believe you will enjoy the new site on many levels— Greatly enhanced product views, you can submit reviews, keep a wish list, have a history keep track of designs you’ve mused over, etc.
We are also pleased to offer you several state of the art security enhancements.
But because of technical issues beyond our control—and in some cases, beyond our understanding! 🙂 — we could not migrate your existing account information. So even though you got this message, you won’t find your “old” account on our new site until & unless you create one for yourself.
You might be thinking: But then, why did I get this message?!
This mailing list is now maintained separately (only by Andzia’s Amber), but we are now using an outside service.
Okay, but what does it all mean to you? Well, the first time you make a purchase or wish to use new account features, you must register as a new customer.
Starting over will help us to serve you better.
If you need any details from previous orders, please call or email us. We can locate that information for you. The only order history that will be available to you online is whatever happens from this moment forward with your account.
What’s coming up?
-Two One of a Kind Collections “Mythology” have just arrived & we are getting them ready to go up
-Gift cards will be available soon—virtual and snail-mail-y ones
-We are still moving stock from the old site over to the new site & this is an ongoing effort as we also add new designs
-Updates to the Chopin Collection, particularly cuff bracelets on the way
We are thrilled to release the new site & we want to thank those of you who sent us encouraging messages & feedback over the prototypes & through the delays.
This was much more than just building a new website for us. We have rebuilt everything from the ground up & integrated many things that truly will help us to serve you better.
We still strive to bring a personal touch to everything we do, just as Andzia did when she began her long romance with amber over the kitchen table, carefully unwrapping little amber beauties from a shawl brought home from her first trips to Poland, to the oohs & ahhhhs of friends & family.
This project took longer than anticipated & while we are still working, we already know that is a much more exciting destination.
We feel confident saying there is lots more to come. We look forward to sharing a little holiday magic with you again this season.
—Andzia & Holly

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Natural World Amber Jewelry Collection by Andzia’s Amber

December 2, 2005 4 Comments
Natural World Amber Jewelry Collection by Andzia’s Amber

Spotlight on Nature In this month of darkening daylight we bring to you a luminous collection of new amber jewelry designs tightly focused not just on the inherent natural beauty of amber, but equally focused on amber shaped into forms that reflect oceans, meadows, forests & the creatures- both flora & fauna who inhabit them. […]

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