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New Season, New Amber Jewelry Styles

December 5, 2014

Seasons & hemlines may weave in & out, but amber stays forever. Our latest amber jewelry styles focus on what is essential. Richly colored organic gemstones, cool sterling silver & designs destined to delight every day with their balance, wearability & natural motifs.

Fascinating honey drops that mimic the original shape of Baltic amber when the richly pine scented fresh resin oozed down giant pines tens of millions of years ago, in Northeastern Europe, then called Fennoscandia. Amber was actually transported by rising waters, swept all the way to modern day Sweden, then slowly returned by immense glaciers which pushed the precious fossil resin back towards the Baltics.

Amber drops are known to many as tears of the gods. This puzzling, seemingly magical bit of strange honey, fallen from the sun, splashing into the sea & into our dreams with so many unique qualities. These dazzling drops captured us instantly.

Dazzling Baltic Amber Drops

Dazzling Baltic Amber Drops

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