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Mythology of Amber June 30 2009 7 p m at the Amber Shop

June 25, 2009 0 Comments

Here in the Northeast it was almost too easy to spend the last few weeks chomping at the bit– waiting, hoping for summer to happen while keeping my Wellingtons engaged sloshing through puddles in daily mind numbing rain.  Yes, things were greening up at an accelerated pace but, these greens were causing the blues.  It just isn't that much fun to walk your pooch in a downpour or to muster enthusiasm for outside engagements during a rain storm. 

The relentless rain got me to thinking about the way amber was formed –as a response to a dramatic climate change, how the young amber resins were washed out to sea by freshwater rivers in the mountainous regions of the amber forest.  And millions and millions of years later we come into the story, actual babes in the wood in real time, with that human longing for comfort and beauty and the amber takes hold of our imaginations and fulfills our dreams.  We can't explain it. we don't understand it.  It is mysterious and beautiful.

With the rain, and the greens and the blues taking hold, I got to feeling happy, creating a simple blend of rough aquamarines, green turquoise and beautiful "dirty" amber full of prehistoric wonders.  Handling the beads got me going from zero to sixty in no time. and next thing was an outline for a little informal talk about the mythology of amber.  So, if you're in the neighborhood –1808 N Main Avenue, Scranton, Pa 570 346 4568–stop by around 7 p m on June 30 and we'll talk amber together.  I would love to see you here!


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