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“Inside Planet Jantar” Artist Exhibition Opening

August 19, 2008 1 Comment

19 August 2008

Inside Planet Jantar Artist Exhibition Opening
Saturday, Aug. 23 6-8 p.m.
-The Versatility of Amber in Jewelry Forms
-Shop Talk
-Upcoming Wire Wrapping Classes


Inside Planet Jantar:

We are more than pleased to invite you to our opening reception on Saturday, August 23, 2008 6 – 8 pm of our newest exhibit "Inside Planet Jantar"

Amber jewelry designer and photographer Barbara Gronus-Dutko gets up close and very personal with the beauty and mystery of Baltic amber.

Gronus-Dutko lives in Cracow, Poland  and her work has been exhibited in Cracow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Paris and Cologne. 

The opening reception is at Andzia’s Amber Jewelry, 1808 North Main Avenue, Scranton, PA 18508

Saturday, August 23 6-8 p.m. 

Please call 570-346-4568 with questions or for further detail.


Here in the shop, we experience the richness of amber on a daily basis, not only by  the work we do, but also because our walls are currently home to ten amazing photographs by Barbara Gronus-Dutko. 

She brilliantly captures the amber from the inside out  focusing exclusively on the brilliance and energy of this amazing gem.  Holly and I met her this past March in Gdansk at Amberif in March. Barbara is also an amber & sterling silver jewelry designer in her own right with a deep reverence for Baltic amber. She showed us many of her most treasured pieces, stating that it can sometimes take many years of searching to find just the right piece of amber for a certain design.

The Versatility of Amber in Jewelry Forms

Holly and I were talking the other day about (you guessed it) amber.  She mentioned that versatility was a word that is easily used with amber. Rich in colors and styles, amber is energizing and beautiful.

No other gemstone seems to have the sheer range & diversity possessed by amber. Just consider the category of amber beads on their own- there are thousands of possible combinations & styles of strands. From the humblest raw amber bead to the finest artisan faceted goods, amber beads come in a truly spectacular array of color, shape, size & texture.

The color range itself of amber is nothing less than remarkable, from softest white to dark, deep black and an entire warm spectrum of browns, honeys, cognacs, lemons, butterscotch & so on in between. 

True, not all colors are available all of the time. Some are much more rare than others.  And, of course, no two pieces are ever truly alike. 

Then take the forms- beads, cameos, carved figures, cabochons, lumps, nuggets, intaglio, mosaic… and the variations in color & translucence possible in all these.

And as far as styles are concerned, the saying "Amber has been in style for millions of years" is a neat way of saying amber never, ever goes out of style. It is simply too diverse to go out of style.

So, wearing your sparkly amber jewelry always puts you right on center stage, which is where amber is destined to be.  Of the many different gems available in the world, amber is the one with warmth and a rich history.  Every woman has room in her wardrobe for a genuine piece of amber jewelry, always in style and always special.

Shop Talk


When it comes to amber, the law of attraction definetely comes into play. Our newly opened showroom ia a magnet for amber lovers.  A few rather exited folks have made u-turns on busy Main avenue when they spotted our sign (We do
not recommend this!).

Ladies still bring in their grandmother’s and great grandmother’s amber, sometimes for repair advice and sometimes simply to show the beauty of their familial amber. 

A nice lady from Dunmore came in the other day with lovely carmel colored amber beads and matching rosary.  It was wonderful to see how she valued these pieces.  That’s another aspect of amber’s versatility–even the smallest piece can make you feel incredibly wealthy and content.

We are gearing up for the new 2008 Fall Season with on-site wire-wrapping classes. Watch this space for updates of upcoming events & further detail.   

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