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Holiday 08 Andzia’s Amber Gift with Purchase Opportunity: Lily Drop Amber Pendant

December 9, 2008 0 Comments's Holiday 08 Gift with $75 Purchase Opportunity: Amber Lily Drop pendant

In this season of early evenings, frosty windowpanes & bulky sweaters, we offer a classic amber drop pendant designed to warm the heart. This beautiful little pendant is like caught drop of honey just it almost falls off your spoon into a cup of steamy, spicy, exotic tea. Flecked with glimmering fossil inclusions, this is a basic but beautiful piece.

And a terrific one to use to introduce someone to amber & start a collection with. Or as a design to keep, one which can pull lots of different kinds of amber pieces together.

This time of year it is wonderful to have an excellent, high quality little gift tucked away for an unexpected moment or extra guest.

Though small, this Amber Lily Drop is powerful. Not only because it is beautiful, but because it reminds us quite literally of a lost world.

Amber burns with a singular intensity- this is a warming piece that emits a steady, slow burn. Obviously it is not hot, or anything, to the touch, though amber itself is after all, the burning stone in many languages. But you may be surprised to learn that unlike other gemstones such as turquoise, amber rests at room temperature so it is not cold against the skin.

Burning Stone- amber. A little something bright from Andzia's to keep close to the heart as we make our way through the wilds of the winter winds.

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