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Help Shape Our New Logo

April 12, 2012 0 Comments

With the help of the good people at Julia Balfour, is getting a new logo. And we would LOVE your feedback on the first round!

We’re delighted to be so ably assisted in our perpetual logo hunt. Andzia’s original beautiful pumpkin crescent moon & subsequent cream colored butterfly cycled through without us really getting all of our literature & web material tied together.

Baltic amber is difficult to impossible to represent figuratively– We did a comprehensive survey of the entire amber industry as well as myriad searches on all sorts of businesses with “amber” in their names before we got our thoughts together for Julia & her team. And aside from the use of the color amber, most were unsuited to our mission. The criteria: A logo has to be: simple, unique, memorable & scaleable.

This is more of a challenge than it seems. Our current what I call “anti-logo” which is just a lowercase binary font rapidly aging before our eyes, in the wrong case & color apparently, to boot!

Aside from the International Amber Association’s lovely trade association logo – a tree dripping golden tears of amber into the sea – we found no authoritative logos to speak of. We hope that changes & you can be a part of it. Here are the first ten ideas, centered on our initials, AJ for Amber Jewelry.

A logo can be your front door, it’s your smile & it is frequently the first thing people come into contact with when they interact with your business. We’re very excited to be getting this great makeover & invite your ideas & feedback.

Aj logo round 1

So please let us know what you think, the files are numbered from 1 -10 in a light grey that may not be legible at the smaller size.




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