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Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014


Mother’s Day is such a lovely day here in the States and around the world. We celebrate with hugs, kisses, gifts, candy and flowers for all the “Moms” in our lives, including those “Moms” who don’t have biological children but have touched us, tended us, cared for us and watched over us often as silent heroes.

The advent of Mother’s Day in America was brought about by Anna Jarvis in loving memory of her mother, Ann Jarvis—a well known Pacifist who nursed the wounded of both sides of the Civil War. Ann Jarvis passed away in 1905 and her dear daughter used her grieving to make a national holiday celebrating all mothers. In 1914 her dream came true and Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States made Mother’s Day a national holiday.


Six years before this, in 1908, Anna Jarvis got her wish and the first Mother’s Day of note was celebrated in Grafton, West Virginia where her Mom had taught Sunday school many years before. Anna Jarvis did not attend the event but she kindly sent 500 white carnations (her Mother’s favorite flower) to be worn by the children, regardless of age, in honor of their own mothers and as a pure classic symbol of the purity of a mother’s love. And that’s how the flower giving to Moms began.

In later years, I am sorry to say, Anna Jarvis spent her time decrying the commercialism of Mother’s Day, going as far as pleading with Congress to stop the celebratory day altogether and threatening to file lawsuits against the floral industry for the commercialism of the special national holiday. Sadly, Anna Jarvis was not able to let go of her idea that it was wrong to give Mom flowers, among other gifts and she continued to rally against the very wonderful celebration for mothers that she worked so tirelessly to make happen. Her idea was that one should spend the day with Mom and not just give her lip service. By 1914, however the world was rapidly changing and many folks were not in physical proximity to their dear mums and gifts, kind words, time spent and flowers bestowed on our Moms became the norm.

mom and me_0003


Me and My Mom


And of course, the flower industry got a big boost from the holiday created with so much love and dedication by Anna Jarvis. She spent her last years in a sanitarium, a bitter woman who loathed her very life’s work. I know Mother’s day is a commercial holiday today, but can I be honest? I love Mother’s Day. True, I am very lucky and have children who treat me like a queen 365 days a year. But, when they honor me on Mother’s Day I feel great satisfaction that they are so thoughtful and care enough to treat me to a special day.

I’d like to tip my hat to Anna Jarvis—I have been the lucky recipient of many a Mother’s Day gift—my favorites being hand prints in play dough, bouquets of violets plucked straight from our yard, lovely meals and gifts throughout the years.


Well, dear readers, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t remind you that amber makes a perfect gift for Mom. It almost never fails when we are out doing shows, women bring their mom’s, grandmother’s and great grandmother’s amber necklaces to us for our opinion—lovely heirlooms that are well taken care of. Invariably, the conversation turns to the sentimental value and the honor of keeping the amber in the family for future generations of women to enjoy, love, share and look beautiful in. Every woman deserves a romantic piece of Baltic amber in her jewel box. Happy Mother’s Day

With love


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