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Fall In Love All Over Again

September 20, 2008 0 Comments




Dear Amber Admirer– As the wind starts to tease the leaves from the trees, fall begins here in beautiful Northeastern Pennsylvania.   

Time to warm up your wardrobe with Baltic amber in beautiful seasonal shades.

We’re pleased to offer you our fall gift selection of "True Heart" amber & sterling stud earrings, a $24.50 value available only through this promotion, yours with any $50+ order. 

We’ve just released a special limited selection of handmade Amber Mosaic designs. 

stylish go anywhere amber squares & rectangles are filled with
striking blocks & stripes of rich, warm, flattering colors in
contrasting shades– a treasure trove of the very finest array of amber
colors available in modern amber jewelry forms.

You will be astonished at how much diversity there is not only in the amber color palette,
but in a single tiny piece of amber. Each Amber Arts Mosaic is
painstakingly & precisely handcrafted– small pieces of amber are
cut into tiny linear shapes, then fit together by hand to form a
unified whole. Each is completely unique. This style is an ambassador
for — & a quite modern representative of — a distinctively Old
World Polish form of amber artistry.

As it
has been for centuries, Gdansk, Poland remains the amber capital of the
world. Throughout a long & storied history, masters &
apprentices have created incredible decorative objects of indescribable
beauty & subtlety which were sought after by royal courts far &
wide using this inlaid method. 

Thank you for your continued support and fascination with amber. We
have a very exciting season planned ahead for amber fans. 

Best wishes– Andzia & Holly

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