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Baltic Amber Spring 2010 Cameo Event – 20% Off Sale & Honey Heart gift with $50 purchase

April 20, 2010 4 Comments
  • 20% Off at now thru Friday, April 24, 2010
    promo code cameo Amber honey heart pendant gift with purchase
  • Honey Amber Heart Gift with $50 purchase ($24.50 value)
  • Cameo Event – Cameo vs. Intaglio, what is the difference?

Dear Amber fan,

Tucked between the lilacs & tulips, spring 2010 brings a fresh crop of amber cameos in floral & butterfly motifs.

Grandiflora amber rose cameo

Wonderfully large & dimensional single rose in vanilla shades carved into a specially selected rounded amber cabochon in a classic chocolate color.

Example of sale pricing: $209.50 -20% = $167.50 You save $41.90

Monarch butterfly amber cameo

Outstanding, poetic & simply gorgeous Baltic amber cameo inspired
by one of nature's most wondrous creatures- the Monarch butterfly.

Example of sale pricing: $211.50 -20% = $169.50 You save $42.20

Three roses amber cameo  

Three ivory colored, three dimensional roses & leaves carved by hand into a lightly faceted marquise shaped piece of amber in a classic chocolate color.

Example of sale pricing: $186.50 – 20% = $146.80 You save $36.70


The proper term for these is "intaglio." What is the difference between a cameo & intaglio, anyway? Intaglio has been carved away from the back, flat side of the gemstone- if you touch the face, you will feel nothing but a bubble of warm smooth amber. A cameo is a positive image, like a coin- touch one & you'll feel the carved edges.

Cameo has come to mean this general style which we tend to associate with Victorian England, but, originated in the Indus River Valley. The art was highly refined by the Greeks & enjoyed a resurgence in the Renaissance.

Our amber cameos are handmade the old fashioned way & carved by hand. Some modern techniques use lasers to make cuts & some of the newest techniques use a combination of heat & lasers to arrive at never before seen designs, such as the handful of Monarch butterflies you'll find only at

May will bring a major update to our popular Chopin Collection in celebration of the bicentenary (200th birthday!) of the great Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin.

Thank you for reading – please stay tuned, we have a lot of exciting additions in progress!

Best wishes, Andzia & Holly

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= 20% Off sitewide now through Friday, April 24, 2010


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