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Baltic Amber: A Chameleon’s Tale

June 25, 2007 0 Comments

Is there any gemstone more friendly to the artisan’s hand than Baltic amber? The versatile beauty of Baltic amber is matched by none as far as we can tell. The gem that seems to come closest in terms of the sheer versatility might be turquoise (but let us know your thoughts too), turned into fabulous jewelry  by Native American tribes. But even enchanting turquoise, of the rapturous colors, is not suitable for carving or for shaping in quite the same way as amber is, nor does it share the astonishing array of color that is real amber.

Baltic amber is a mighty chameleon. The sheer variety of amber beads alone that may be produced are awe-inspiring. From the precise  hand faceted cuts of Lithuanian amber where this craft has been practiced since ancient times to rough nuggets plucked from the sea’s edge & left with the beautiful reddish rough amber skin or bark left intact on the outer cortex…

After beads there are countless natural forms used in earrings, pendants, rings- all the usual jewelry items & amulets. In literally every shape one can imagine. But amber can also be carved into art objects, such as chess pieces & small precious figurines of infinite variety. Then there are cameos- as endless as their possible subjects!

Then there are the colors of amber cognac, cherry, green, light butterscotch, lemon, black, white, speckled, spotted, translucent, opaque… & everything in between! One may even find -very, very rarely- ambers laced with hues of blue or purple.

It also seems that not only amber naturAmberbutterflyjewelry_2al, but amber itself seems obsessed with depicting natural forms. Not only the earthy, mysterious lumps, nuggets & geological shapes we expect to discover from raw amber, but a fanciful & seemingly neverending parade of amber animals is constantly expanding. And amber insects such as butterflies & dragonflies, bees & spiders are beloved motifs of amber artisans.

Speaking of amber butterfly jewelry, we have added several new styles, some of which are just now back in stock due to popular demand after being sold out.

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