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Andzia’s Amber on YouTube: Baltic Amber- The Living Gemstone International Amber Association Documentary Release

May 16, 2007 0 Comments

Andzia’s Amber Jewelry is pleased & excited to share with you a recent video release by the International Amber Association detailing the history of Baltic amber in a short documentary. The film was directed by Katarzyna Sedek & Andrzej Mielczarek.

We’ve cut the film into three six minute segments.

You may view them online here at Andzia’s Amber You Tube account.

Baltic Amber, The Living Gemstone Part 1


Remarks by Dr. Elzbieta Sontag, scholars & experts Wieslaw Gierlowski & Barbara Kosmowska Ceranowicz plus amber master Lucjan Myrta describes his magnificent magnum opus.


Baltic Amber- The Living Gemstone Part 2


Explanation of how some amber colors are formed, artworks in the new
Museum of Amber, stunning footage of St. Brigid’s amber altar Our Lady
of Czestochowa with remarks by amber master Mariusz Drapikowski. The
famous Lizard of Gdansk fossil inclusion. Whimsical amber jewelry &
fashions from contemporary designers, amber artworks & amber
inspired sculpture. Inside the amber artist’s studio. Buying amber on
Mariaska Street in Gdansk. The International Amber Association’s
efforts to educate the public about amber & identify & stamp
out forgeries. Remarks by Dr. Ewa Wagner Wysiecka on scientific amber



Baltic Amber- The Living Gemstone Part 3


The role of infrared spectrascopy & an explanation of "The Baltic Curve" & how this chemical signature is used to identify & authenticate Baltic amber. Professor Barbara Kosmowska Ceranowicz of Poland’s Museum of the Earth discusses the traits of Baltic ambe. She explains why it is the most highly prized form of amber & specifically why it is the best choice for amber jewelry.

Eva Rachon discusses amber fakes & forgeries in the marketplace & explains the unique mission of the International Amber Association & it’s role in The role of over 1,000 amber studios are located in the Pomerania (Polish) amber industry, employing over 10,000 workers. The annual value of it’s jewelry exports all over the world is over 300 million US dollars. Historic & beautiful Gdansk has again emerged as the center of amber production, earning the name Amber Capitol of the World. The future looks exciting indeed for those who work with, study, wear & love beautiful Baltic amber. 

The International Amber Association’s efforts to educate the public about amber & identify & stamp out forgeries. Remarks by Dr. Ewa Wagner Wysiecka on scientific amber testing. Final remarks by world famous scholar Wieslaw Gierlowski & concluding photo montage.

As members of the International Amber Association, we feel immensely
privileged not only to play a small role in the important cultural
& scientific work of the Association. We are thrilled to present
you with the opportunity to view Baltic Amber, The Living Gemstone
because we are indeed standing on the shoulders of giants.

If you enjoy the video presentations, please stop by & check out
some of the articles we’ve stashed away for amber lovers in our Amber Reading Room. Some of the amber experts in the documentary are featured
there, so you can get to know their work in greater detail now that you have seen their lovely faces.

If some of the commentary from the short film Baltic Amber: Living Gemstone sparks your interest you may enjoy further reading, including Gabriela Gierlowska’s The Beauty of Amber

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Andzia’s personal piece about her trip to see the Amber Altar
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Lucjan Myrta’s Sensational Amber Masterworks by Wieslaw Gierlowski

Amber in Therapeutics by Gabriela Gierlowska

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