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June 22, 2010 5 Comments marks
its milestone 15th anniversary with the release of the Chopin Amber
Jewelry Collection
in celebration of another anniversary, the 200th
birthday of the Polish composer Frederic Chopin. One of a kind designs
in premium Baltic amber and sterling silver, entirely hand constructed
by Polish artists, are the hallmarks of the jewelry collection.



Scranton, PA (PRWEB) June 21, 2010 — Frederic
Chopin, a child prodigy, performed his music publicly only about 30
times yet his music like Baltic amber continues to captivate the world’s
imagination. The designs in this special jewelry collection are named
after musical forms associated with Chopin, such as the instrumental
ballade, piano sonata, mazurka, waltz, nocturne, polonaise, étude,
and prélude. Reminiscent of the lavish styles worn in Chopin’s
day, the pieces are perfect complements to his romantic compositions.
The hand fabricated line is designed around oversized amber stones,
wrapped in Old World embellishments, featuring botanical motifs and
elaborate sterling silver silver flourishes.

Countless festivities, competitions and concerts are being celebrated
non-stop this jubilee year worldwide, from Austria to Cairo's pyramids,
across Asia and beyond. The astronauts who blasted into orbit on the
Endeavor space shuttle Feb. 8, 2010 carried a CD of Chopin's music and a
copy of a manuscript of his Prelude Opus 28, No. 7.

Born in Poland on March 1, 2010, Chopin lived in Poland for the first
half of his life. At the age of 20 he arrived in Paris to further his
musical career. Just before his death at age 39 of what was probably
tuberculosis, Chopin asked that his heart be returned to his beloved
homeland. While his body is buried at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in
Paris, his heart is preserved much like a saint’s relic in an urn of
cognac sealed for safekeeping in a pillar in the Church of the Holy
Cross in Warsaw.

2010 is also's 15th Anniversary. The American company
deals exclusively with Baltic amber from Poland.

The company began searching in 2009 for premium hand crafted one of a
kind pieces suitable for wear during the age of Romanticism in Paris.
The private salons of expatriate Polish and French nobility were the
venues where the reclusive Chopin gave his best private, intimate
performances and the ladies attending were undoubtedly bejeweled and
fashionably attired in the manner of the day.

"We searched for antique, vintage looks with large high quality amber
stones, ones which best capture the universal beauty of Chopin's music
and the romance of the time.”

“Finding the pieces and keeping them affordable was a challenge ” says
Andzia Chmil. “Large pieces of amber are dearly priced and large quality
pieces even more so. Many in the amber trade have stopped making
jewelry with larger pieces given the escalating upward spiral of Baltic
Amber and the ever diminishing supply. The trend has definitely been to
use more silver and less amber to compensate for the amber shortage in
the last few years.", a Baltic amber specialist since 1995, features the
work of dozens of amber jewelry producers and manufacturers in Poland.
The Chopin Amber Jewelry Collection and hundreds of other amber jewelry
designs are available online at and in their showroom in
Scranton, Pa. is the only retail jewelry company in North America
that has been granted the prestigious Certificate of Recommendation from
the International Amber Association in Poland every year since 2003.
Members have committed themselves to meeting strict criteria. The
Certificate and the use of its logo serves as a guarantee of the
authenticity of the raw amber material used, of the processing method,
the good quality of the entire product, as well as to the company’s
reliability. Recommended companies must comply with Amber Classification
System created by the IAA. is one of only 50
companies in the world to be granted this certificate.

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