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Amber Mining in Poland Today

April 7, 2009 0 Comments

Blog for Amber Readers: Andzia's article detailing the current state of the amber mining industry is featured this month in The Polish American Journal.

FEATURED ARTICLE: APRIL 2009 by Andzia Chmil

Amber Mining in Poland Today
Polish American Journal Andzia's Amber feature article: Amber Mining In Poland Today

Mostly everyone who visits Poland brings back a piece of amber jewelry to keep or give as a gift. Years ago it was common to hear someone newly returned from Poland to say “I got this piece of amber for three dollars.” Of course, people returning today from their trip to Poland now say I got this in Poland and, “Wow — it wasn’t cheap!” “Bardzo drogi!”

Today Baltic amber is in great demand and short supply. The great mines in Sambia, the lone outpost of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad Oblast situated on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania, were flooded in 2004. These mines are said to contain upwards of 85% of the world’s supply of Baltic amber… continue reading at The Polish American Journal

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