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Allura & Zodiac Amber Jewelry Collections plus Baltic Amber Film on YouTube

May 31, 2007 4 Comments

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Two New Collections: Zodiac & Allura
Short Baltic Amber Gemstone Documentary on YouTube!!

Dear Amber Lovers–

The ancients looked to the Milky Way for guidance about events here on Earth. Many people still have an intensely personal relationship with their sign & use it as a tool to gather insight about the world around them & the people they encounter in it. For others, not so much.

But one doesn’t have to “believe” in astrology to enjoy the fantastic classical artwork featured on Andzia’s new amber horoscope lockets. We are pleased to present for the first time ever all twelve signs of the Zodiac carved into an amber cameo locket using a technique called intaglio.

Actually an intaglio is the opposite of a cameo, or camina. A cameo is a positive form sculpted from material such as a seashell & affixed to a gemstone. Intaglio is just the opposite, a negative form, it is created by carefully removing material from the inside of the translucent amber, making a beautiful hollow form that is smooth along the front, but may be felt from behind. You may view the Zodiac Amber Collection here.

These were specially commissioned by Andzia. This is the first time we have been able to offer all twelve of the astrological signs & as if that weren’t wonderful enough, to offer them in a nice, thin rectangle shaped locket. These are limited in quantity. There is a lot to admire in terms of artistry here & one thing we do love about this collection is how wonderfully rendered the figures are, they are not hokey or clumsy, but rather classically inspired in the ancient Greek tradition–truly inspired by the ancient world in an ancient material– amber.

Along with the Zodiac Collection, we also have the pleasure
of introducing our new Allura Amber Jewelry Collection.

Musical, modern, bead crazy, drenched in rich color & inventive.

As you can see, they are designed to move with the wearer.Alluraamberjewelrycollection

These matched necklace & earrings sets are wonderful looks that
meld the ancient world of amber, particularly amber beads, with very up
to date stylish sterling silver forms. Also, amber really does make a
light, distinctive musical tinkle in some designs. We swear, amber
wants to sing. But you know that if you are here.


We’re also delighted to share with you a new short film by the International Amber Association, which we’ve posted to andziasamber at YouTube.

Here you will be able to click and go to our andziasamber youtube
account. Here, with no special equipment or software needed, you may
watch the movie (done in three parts, each 4-7 minutes) created by the
Intrnational Amber Association in Poland– Baltic Amber:  the Living

A brief but fascinating documentary in English and Polish with English subtitles. 

This is a rare look at the organization, now in its 11th year,
devoted to the study, preservation &  education about Baltic
amber.  A glimpse of the scientists, artists & protectors of all
things Baltic amber, in fact, the most famous amber scholars,
researchers & artists in the world, many of whom have so kindly
granted us permission to reproduce the articles you find in our Amber
Reading Room. It’s amazing how much is packed into this little film.

Andzia’s Amber is the only retail firm in North America to have the
distinction each year since 2002 to be a firm recommended by the IAA.
We are humbled & grateful for the continuing honor.  All of our
goods are held to the highest standards in the amber industry & as
our customers, this benefit is passed on to you. 

Please watch the movie Baltic Amber: LIving Gemstone
parts 1, 2, 3 & feel free to pass it on. Nature lovers, science
lovers, history buffs, rock hounds & amber addicts will all find
something to be genuinely excited about! And there is this very cool New Jersey Amber video we found which is also really fun in our youtube favorites… check it out!

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Best wishes, Andzia & Holly

For your convenience, Baltic Amber Living Gemstone has been uploaded in one segment to Google Video



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