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A Beloved Classic Returns: The Chopin Amber Jewelry Collection from Andzia’s Amber

October 31, 2007 0 Comments

We are pleased to present to you a brand new selection of our Chopin Collection, inspired by Poland’s beloved composer Frederic Chopin.
Modeled on traditional forms & materials, yet using innovations
within that classic structure, these selections speak of a time & a
place as much at home in the 21st century as in the 19th.


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Each design
in this delightful medley is one of a kind & entirely hand
fabricated from beginning to end. Each draws upon floral motifs such as
the lily & liberal use of flourishes & antique sterling silver
finishes. And although he composed almost exclusively for the piano,
the naturally rich, warm, eye pleasing cognac & cherry amber colors
also remind us of the beautiful color palettes of instruments such as
violins, which were once literally covered in amber, because was once
used as a "lack" or laquer on fine musical stringed instruments. 

Chopin Open Work Amber Pendant No. 16
is a thick, dimensional organic shape, as shown. A stunning specimen
because it contains such a perfectly balanced blend of amber
characteristics. Gorgeous exotic color. Polished to perfection.
Translucent areas. Included areas. Fire. An elegant sterling leaf. Some
rough amber spots left intact, creating interest & drama in the
front of the stone. This is a piece of amber to fall into.

amber stone is heavily "included", meaning it is studded with fossil
materials, resulting in fascinating patterns created by Mother Nature.
Each amber stone bears her fingerprint. Preserved within the honey
colored amber, the inclusions gleam & sparkle.

The flora
contained inside the amber became trapped in the amber while the resin
was still fresh, millions of years ago, in the ancient forest that once
covered Northern Europe. These inclusions frequently contain hairs or
tiny spores from oak tree buds, but may contain an astonishing array of
other materials.

The reverse is left open, to allow the wearer
to enjoy the warmth of the amber against the skin. The back side of
this amber pendant contains a dimple where some of the amber bark, or
amber skin (the rough amber cortex) is left intact.

A gracious
old world floral motif houses the natural amber drop, lightly antiqued
sterling silver leaves & vines with exquisite detail. This is a
style favored & perfected by the amber masters of the 17th Century
who practiced their craft in the seaside city of Gdansk, Poland, the
world capital of amber. Which is exactly where Chopin Open Work Pendant
No. 16 comes from.



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